At Monkey Puzzle Bromley we recognise the importance of the children and staff’s mental well being. Our aim is to create an honest, open environment in which all children and adults have the confidence to express how they are feeling and know they can seek further advice and support should they need it.

“If our staff are not 100% at their best, how can we expect them to give 100% to our families and children?”

To support staff with their well-being, we have on display various contact points to help manage their mental health before it gets overwhelming. The team have the option of flexible breaks and are aware that they are able to take 5 minutes away from a situation if they feel it is overwhelming for them.

If a staff member is concerned about their mental health, they are aware of who to go to for further advice and support. We believe in investing in training for our team so our Mental Health First Aiders are able to fully support the team member with strategies for them to use if we think they may be struggling.

Our management team will also encourage staff to take part in various activities to promote positive mental well being. Through our team meetings we ensure we include and promote the positive steps which individuals and groups are taking and any achievements which have been made. Team members will regularly recognise and promote others to win monthly awards. Expressing gratitude can improve your mood and make you more optimistic. People who regularly express gratitude are shown to be happier overall which leads to lower rates of stress and depression.

It is extremely important to promote positive mental well-being with the children. We do this by checking in with the children everyday on how their feeling by using a range of different activities and resources as well as providing time and space to listen. We have also set up mindfulness and yoga sessions to help keep the children grounded and have time to relax throughout their busy days.