Below are a few reviews from parents of our current children.  We provide many opportunities for parents to feed back to us and we are interested in hearing both the positive and the negative.

‘Our friendly and approachable management team is always available to chat in the office if something urgent comes up or we can be contacted any time by phone or e-mail. We regularly send out parental feedback questionnaires to provide parents with an anonymous way to make suggestions on ways we can improve, things we are good at, what they most enjoy about the nursery and suggestions on things they would like to happen in the future. There is also the opportunity for parents to review us on

From the very first settling in session at Monkey Puzzle, I have been really happy with the care and attention Rosie has received from all the staff.

We’d had to keep Rosie pretty locked down up until the beginning of this year due to the pandemic, so to suddenly send her to nursery and not be around her 24/7 was quite a daunting prospect (probably more for me than for her!). But she settled in right from the start. We’ve never had any tears at drop off, she even puts her hands up to Daniella (her key worker) when the door opens. To know that she goes in so happily – often without a backward glance – means I can go about my day, do my work, and know that she’s content and thriving at Monkey Puzzle.

Even when we have little hiccups – like Rosie trying to steal the other children’s dessert – Daniella takes a collaborative approach, and is really open to conversations. I especially noticed this when Rosie was learning to walk and Daniella offered lots of suggestions, and Rosie became a confident walker in no time.

I think the fact Rosie loves ”Lella” so much is key to our constant ease and Rosie’s continual happiness. It’s great that the nursery encourages a bond with the keyworker – I love how the child picks the keyworker, and not the other way around. Daniella takes time to tell us about Rosie’s day, makes suggestions about her development and nothing ever seems like too much effort. The same can be said for Steph, Kirby, Leah, Lisa and Millie – all positive and very approachable when Daniella is away.

Since starting Monkey Puzzle Rosie is trying a wider variety of food, her speech is developing well, and she’s so sociable with other children. One of the funniest things is when she comes home on a Monday after a session with Music Mike and she’s learnt a new song that we have to try and decipher – “eeyieeyiyo” is old McDonald had a farm, and “piapiapiapia” is I am the music man.

So thank you so much for making the first six months of Rosie’s transition into nursery such an easy and enjoyable experience. I know when giving feedback it’s good to give some constructive criticism – but I honestly don’t have any! Our family couldn’t be happier 🙂

Hugo started nursery nearly a year into the pandemic, before this Hugo had only ever met 1 other child and had never really been away from us, in the care of someone other than family. One of the reasons why we chose Monkey Puzzle was that they were the only nursery in the area that remained open during the pandemic, essential to us as a parent is a key worker.

Stacy made arranging the settling in period incredibly stress free. She let us know all the arrangements beforehand and was very quick to respond to emails regarding questions putting us at ease.

Hugo has since progressed from Explorers to Discoverers and he really has come on leaps and bounds. We have really enjoyed seeing what he is learning and exploring through the Learners Journal. This has helped us to also support his learning at home.

You have all taught Hugo so much, you don’t just put emphasis on the counting and learning colours. Our Hugo is kind, caring, follows instructions, resilient, brave, is a great friend and is gaining confidence in himself every day- it takes special kind of people to teach this to children.

We are incredibly grateful to all the practitioners and management for all your hard work. You can tell that the staff are really happy and valued working at Monkey Puzzle as it beams through to our child when we see him at collection time grinning from ear to ear!

Jamie is an amazing part of Eliana’s daily life. She absolutely adores him and I’m so pleased knowing that she is well cared for by all the team members!

I love how each staff has their own way with the children, from handshake to fist pump. You can tell the children are well looked after and happy.
Keep up the amazing work!

Stacy – we’ve known her since inception of Monkey Puzzle and have only high praise for her bubbly personality and professionalism. She always has a smile on her face and takes the time to chat and we love her!

Stacy always has a kind word when we see her, and she really does strive to help everyone.

“We love Monkey Puzzle Bromley! The staff are very attentive, kind and clearly love their jobs. They are always so enthusiastic and friendly which at the end of an exhausting day is no mean feat! The handovers at the end of the day are very detailed and informative from how long their nap was to how much of their pudding they ate at lunch to what activities the children have enjoyed all day long. It’s lovely to pick your child up at the end of the day with little pictures that they’ve drawn! The online journals are amazing! Such detail and it’s great to follow what they’ve been up to each day and see pictures too! It even recommends things to do with your child at home for their development which is very useful. Our daughter clearly enjoys herself at Monkey Puzzle Bromley and is very fond of the staff and you can tell everyone there clearly has genuine affection for our daughter too. Thank you all at Monkey Puzzle Bromley! Claire ”
(Mother of a Child)

We honestly couldn’t be happier that our two children are at Monkey Puzzle, it’s such a lovely nursery. The staff are fantastic; every Key Person has been so caring and attentive, meaning that they have settled into each new room seamlessly. They love their time at nursery and come home full of excitement! The staff in each room support their learning in a thoughtful, creative and nurturing manner and they are developing so many new skills – and confidence – as a result. The Management Team are also brilliant. The communications around Covid especially have been proactive and reassuring, and they are always happy to help. It really is a first rate nursery.

Best wishes,

Kate  – (Mother of Child)

Our children absolutely love attending Monkey Puzzle Bromley! It is an incredibly nurturing, supportive and fun learning environment. All the staff are so welcoming to parents and children, it is run very professionally and the atmosphere is always happy and it’s obvious how much all the children are enjoying their time there and how committed the staff are to providing the best care for the kids. The facilities are great and the parent parking is fantastic for drop offs and pickups. The children are taught everyday life skills in a fun and engaging way, they form lovely friendships with their peers and the staff do so much to help children of all abilities to learn and grow in confidence and independence and truly go the extra mile to help the little ones prepare to transfer to big school in the future. It’s a truly wonderful nursery!

Kindest regards

Fiona – (Mother Of Children)

Our son has been at Monkey Puzzle for 2 years and we have been so pleased with his time there.

From the beginning he has had amazing key workers looking after him but has also formed strong bonds with a lot of the other staff members and we couldn’t fault their dedication and caring attitude .Lockdown was very hard as he definitely missed the interaction and routine of nursery but although there were a few tears, going back was a much easier transition than we had thought, especially as he also moved rooms. We can definitely see that he has developed socially and is learning so much being at Nursery – the team have to take the credit for his potty training!

From a parents perspective we have always felt that any queries have been dealt with quickly by the team and communication is great with lots of updates being sent out.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Monkey Puzzle Bromley!


Kate – (Mother of  Child) 

“Our daughter loves Monkey Puzzle and is thriving there. The staff are great and genuinely all seem to love the kids and their jobs. The food is excellent and most of it cooked from scratch. Plus, they have free summer BBQ and Xmas party each year for the parents and the kids. It’s a great place and I highly recommend it. ”

D.D. (Father of a Child)

Both my daughters, aged 2 and 3 go to Monkey Puzzle and they love it here. They are excited to go and they are full of excitement and stories of their day when I collect them. I am amazed daily by the things that my girls learn at ‘Monkey’, my three-year-old has conversations with me about stuff that my 5-year-old niece knows nothing about!

“My son has been at Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Bromley for less than a year and absolutely loves it there! The settling in period was seamless, he loves his baby room staff and he appears extremely happy there …as do three of our NCT baby friends! My son eats everything they give him (which is not a surprise as it all appears very yummy) and comes home with new skills on a regular basis. The nursery’s approach to parents is fantastic. We get daily feedback via their fabulous online portal (this is my most loved element of MP) and you really do feel like part of one big family there. The atmosphere is brilliant!”  Bola (Mother of a Child)

“My daughter moved from baby room to toddlers in July last year and I was, naturally, a bit nervous about the transition. I need not have worried as she settled in very fast. The teachers are very friendly and knowledgeable and my daughter loves going to nursery. She has many friends and is very happy in the toddler’s room. Management is very approachable and responsive; nothing is too much trouble and they constantly think of ways to improve the facilities and arrange many exciting activity days. I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery. ” Kate (Mother of a Child)

“My daughter has been attending since she was a baby and is graduating from pre-school this year. Throughout her journey, every carer has taken it upon themselves to personally know my daughter and look after her as if she were their own. Staff have always tried to replicate what we do at home with our daughter, whether it was baby sign language, sleeping patterns or potty training. The whole family is greeted with a smile every day, no matter what time it is or how tired the carer is. Staff are always forthcoming with real information about what my daughter got up to during the day, be it something small or big. Their daily online journal is amazing and makes my husband and I feel like we are part of our daughter’s day even if we are not physically there. My daughter has made so many close friends already. It is super to hear her talk about them and how happy she is at Monkey Puzzle. My son’s journey will start here soon as well and I have 100% confidence that he will be happy too. ”

Michelle (Mother of a Child)

“The staff are so friendly and really make you feel welcome as part of the Monkey Puzzle family – they all know my daughter’s name and say Hi to her when we drop her off – which makes her feel very welcome.
Since she has joined the nursery she has come such a long way, growing in confidence and learning something new on a weekly basis. She is always happy to be going to nursery and it’s great that I can see what she has been up to that day via the online app – such a great tool to be able to use!
The activities are varied and fun – things you can’t necessarily do at home, exposing them to new learning opportunities every day. We are very happy that we made the choice to send her to this nursery and would highly recommend it to other parents. ”

Laura (Mother of a Child)

“My daughter has attended the nursery for almost two years now and still loves getting up every day and going in to see the staff and all of her friends.
The care she receives while at the nursery is exceptional. My daughter’s key worker is always there to talk to when needed and I am always updated when I collect her as to what she has been up to, what she has eaten and her progress with her potty training. All staff, even those not in her class, take time to say good morning to everyone and know all the children’s names as they come through the door.
Through the online journals, I am also able to see photos of what she has been up to and also what she has had to eat throughout the day.  ”

Scott (Father of a Child)

“My son has been attending Monkey Puzzle Bromley since just before his first birthday. We have found the nursery welcoming and friendly and a really nurturing environment for my little boy. He is always happy to go in the morning and never wants to leave at the end of the day! His favourite things about the nursery are definitely the food and the garden! ”

Katherine (Mother of a Child)

“Staff are very loving, caring and attentive, I feel totally confident leaving my child there as I know he’ll be looked after amazingly.
They recognise that different kids have individual needs and aim to meet all the various needs in an uncompromising way. ”

Carrie (Mother of a Child)

The staff are great, they are friendly, kind and supportive and such genuinely nice people who you can tell have a real passion for what they do and the children that they work with. I have had a few problems at home with my children’s behaviour at times and have received a great deal of help and support from the manager who I couldn’t thank enough, not just for the help and advice but for being there to talk to about it sometimes. I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle to everyone, my children have flourished since coming here and I will be so sad when they have to leave.

Jade (Mother of a Child)

“We have had our now four year old daughter for almost three years. She had gone to two nurseries before hand and settled in Monkey Puzzle Bromley very quickly.
The staff have been fantastic and very supportive with our daughter’s development. As a result she has grown confidently and is very independent.
The owner has invested heavily into both the building and staff. As a result there is a good community feel with staff and parents. ”

Royston (Father of a Child)

“We moved to Bromley and were looking for a nursery having moved our first child from an Ofsted outstanding nursery in Hither Green. We have been with Monkey Puzzle since it opened and in that time, I have gotten to spend a lot of time settling in my first child in the pre-school room. I have genuinely been impressed with the professionalism, enthusiasm and most importantly kindness the staff have displayed towards the children. Knowing I was leaving both my girls in capable hands, it gave me the trust and confidence to leave my 12 month old in the baby room when returning to work after my maternity leave. Both children are really thriving there and, like the other children, are happy in the stimulating but most importantly happy environment.”  Margaret B (Mother of Child)

“We moved to Bromley in January 2015 and by March I thought my son was ready for nursery. We are Brazilians and I must confess I was terrified to leave him somewhere every one speaks English. At 16 months it would be the first time that he would be with someone else which made the settling sessions a bit worse. The staff were incredibly kind and helpful and I cannot thank them enough. They supported me in every single concern, every single moment that I needed help with this so emotional and tense moment of the mother and son life. To top it off, the place itself is amazing! The garden is great, the rooms and clean, organized and stimulating. It is a fantastic environment for babies and toddlers and so happy I chose them. They are like family for us now!” Isabel P (Mother of Child)

“My son adores pre-school here. The nursery is well maintained and the staff are so friendly and approachable and very obviously care for each and every child who attends. The rooms are all colourful and stimulating with endless resources. There are so many activities to keep the little ones entertained and educated. The outdoor play zone is perfect for exploring in all weathers. Messy play is daily and my son adores getting covered in paint and “gloop”. Things he doesn’t often get a chance to do at home! He has become so much more outgoing and confident since starting here last year and that is down to the caring staff and the amount of fun he has here with his hew friends. I have no hesitation in recommending this setting.”  Heather D

“My daughter has been attending Monkey Puzzle since it opened and she couldn’t be any happier. At her previous nursery she cried as she didn’t want to attend; at Monkey Puzzle she cries as she doesn’t want to leave!

Her personal development has come so far thanks to the amazing staff and her key worker. She can now write all her letters and knows how to spell a few words, her counting has improved a lot and she has a wider knowledge about the world and public holidays.

My daughter loves the food that’s served and every time I pick her up she will tell me what she’s had for breakfast, snack, lunch and dessert. There’s a wide variety of meals and it’s nice for the children to try something new and organic/healthy.

Overall I would definitely recommend Monkey Puzzle to everyone and I’m very impressed with what I have seen so far! X” Laura W

“Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Bromley is genuinely wonderful. My son was one of the first babies to attend the nursery and we saw the property being built very quickly from an empty shell to the awesome nursery it is today. It offers a fantastic environment for my son and his little friends to develop, in terms of: variation of activities, toys and book; well-defined rooms for different ages and abilities; a fabulous outside garden with climbing frames/obstacles, an area for planting and fences covered in pictures and wall art; integrating the babies and toddlers throughout the day at meal times and in the garden etc, so he is developing also from watching and playing with older children; amazing staff – all of who are so personable that I know their names, who do a great job of looking after the children, and who each evening are there ready with an update on how he has been throughout the day (from what he’s eaten and how much, to number/types of nappy changes and any issues or fun things that has happened throughout his day); a fab chef who takes great care in providing yummy yet healthy and varying meals; pictures of the children throughout the building; the nursery also hold events for us including BBQs, photo days etc although we’ve been unlucky enough to be busy on those day :-(. The nursery staff are also very thoughtful in terms of having all the children ready with all their belongings packed up ready to go at the end of the day. Similarly, I recently gave birth to my daughter (by c-section), and whilst I recovering the nursery staff have kindly been bringing my son to the gate each evening with his things as I was finding it difficult to lift him – another example of how they often go beyond the call of duty for us. The nursery is great value for money providing everything for you, so he only needs to take his dummy, a spare pair of clothes and Woofy Dog, although his furry is sometimes forgotten (bad mummy). I love Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Bromley and recommend everyone in need of childcare in the local area to try it out!”
Lucy W (Mother of Child)