• Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

We want to express how proud we are of our wonderful superhero staff teams who continue to dedicate themselves to supporting the children and ensuring their safety during these unprecedented times. The challenge which the Covid virus has presented to the industry has been enormous but the team have always remained strong and supportive to all our families.

With the Clap for our Heroes having begun again last week we wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to our wonderful Early Years teams which continue to provide the very highest standards of care to all our children and families.

The media provide us all with the national Covid story but the Early Years story is happening in the nurseries every single day. Our sector remains a topic of high interest with the recently additional demands placed upon all our nursery teams and with the Government making differentiation from primary schools during this lockdown. However, all our practitioners have shown the highest levels of professionalism and dedication to the children on a regular basis throughout.

The children have been greeted with the warmest welcomes and smiles from our superstar individuals which have themselves displayed high levels of resilience, patience and understanding to the ever-changing guidance and need to keep our safety measures under constant review. We recognise the effort the teams make every day in progressing the children’s learning and development with some fantastic play and learning experiences as well as helping the children to settle into the nursery and their transitions throughout the rooms, never mind in their big adventure when they have begun their big schools.

Supporting their emotional well-being when all our lives have been turned upside down has been of paramount importance to us. Simply recognising these changes and in continuing to provide close contact love, nurture and care has been vital for us.

Our parents have also expressed their gratitude which has been great to hear their lovely words…

“We honestly couldn’t be happier that our two children are at Monkey Puzzle, it’s such a lovely nursery. The staff are fantastic; every Key

A person has been so caring and attentive, meaning that they have settled into each new room seamlessly. They love their time at nursery and come home full of excitement! The staff in each room support their learning in a thoughtful, creative and nurturing manner and they are developing so many new skills and confidence – as a result. The Management Team are also brilliant. The communications around Covid especially have been proactive and reassuring, and they are always happy to help. It really is a first-rate nursery”

Although adjustments have been made to some of our processes
the quality of care will remain the highest. The children we care and support are the future and we are passionate about ensuring they continue to smile, laugh, play and learn but most importantly stay safe.