Below are a few reviews from parents of our current children.  We provide many opportunities for parents to feed back to us and we are interested in hearing both the positive and the negative.

Amy is always available to chat in the office if something urgent comes up or we can be contacted any time by phone or e-mail. We regularly send out parental feedback questionnaires to provide parents with an anonymous way to make suggestions on ways we can improve, things we are good at, what they most enjoy about the nursery and suggestions on things they would like to happen in the future. There is also the opportunity for parents to review us on

“We moved to Bromley and were looking for a nursery having moved our first child from an Ofsted outstanding nursery in Hither Green. We have been with Monkey Puzzle since it opened and in that time, I have gotten to spend a lot of time settling in my first child in the pre-school room. I have genuinely been impressed with the professionalism, enthusiasm and most importantly kindness the staff have displayed towards the children. Knowing I was leaving both my girls in capable hands, it gave me the trust and confidence to leave my 12 month old in the baby room when returning to work after my maternity leave. Both children are really thriving there and, like the other children, are happy in the stimulating but most importantly happy environment.”  Margaret B (Mother of Child)

“We moved to Bromley in January 2015 and by March I thought my son was ready for nursery. We are Brazilians and I must confess I was terrified to leave him somewhere every one speaks English. At 16 months it would be the first time that he would be with someone else which made the settling sessions a bit worse. The staff were incredibly kind and helpful and I cannot thank them enough. They supported me in every single concern, every single moment that I needed help with this so emotional and tense moment of the mother and son life. To top it off, the place itself is amazing! The garden is great, the rooms and clean, organized and stimulating. It is a fantastic environment for babies and toddlers and so happy I chose them. They are like family for us now!” Isabel P (Mother of Child)

“My son adores pre-school here. The nursery is well maintained and the staff are so friendly and approachable and very obviously care for each and every child who attends. The rooms are all colourful and stimulating with endless resources. There are so many activities to keep the little ones entertained and educated. The outdoor play zone is perfect for exploring in all weathers. Messy play is daily and my son adores getting covered in paint and “gloop”. Things he doesn’t often get a chance to do at home! He has become so much more outgoing and confident since starting here last year and that is down to the caring staff and the amount of fun he has here with his hew friends. I have no hesitation in recommending this setting.”  Heather D

“My daughter has been attending Monkey Puzzle since it opened and she couldn’t be any happier. At her previous nursery she cried as she didn’t want to attend; at Monkey Puzzle she cries as she doesn’t want to leave!

Her personal development has come so far thanks to the amazing staff and her key worker. She can now write all her letters and knows how to spell a few words, her counting has improved a lot and she has a wider knowledge about the world and public holidays.

My daughter loves the food that’s served and every time I pick her up she will tell me what she’s had for breakfast, snack, lunch and dessert. There’s a wide variety of meals and it’s nice for the children to try something new and organic/healthy.

Overall I would definitely recommend Monkey Puzzle to everyone and I’m very impressed with what I have seen so far! X” Laura W

“Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Bromley is genuinely wonderful. My son was one of the first babies to attend the nursery and we saw the property being built very quickly from an empty shell to the awesome nursery it is today. It offers a fantastic environment for my son and his little friends to develop, in terms of: variation of activities, toys and book; well-defined rooms for different ages and abilities; a fabulous outside garden with climbing frames/obstacles, an area for planting and fences covered in pictures and wall art; integrating the babies and toddlers throughout the day at meal times and in the garden etc, so he is developing also from watching and playing with older children; amazing staff – all of who are so personable that I know their names, who do a great job of looking after the children, and who each evening are there ready with an update on how he has been throughout the day (from what he’s eaten and how much, to number/types of nappy changes and any issues or fun things that has happened throughout his day); a fab chef who takes great care in providing yummy yet healthy and varying meals; pictures of the children throughout the building; the nursery also hold events for us including BBQs, photo days etc although we’ve been unlucky enough to be busy on those day :-(. The nursery staff are also very thoughtful in terms of having all the children ready with all their belongings packed up ready to go at the end of the day. Similarly, I recently gave birth to my daughter (by c-section), and whilst I recovering the nursery staff have kindly been bringing my son to the gate each evening with his things as I was finding it difficult to lift him – another example of how they often go beyond the call of duty for us. The nursery is great value for money providing everything for you, so he only needs to take his dummy, a spare pair of clothes and Woofy Dog, although his furry is sometimes forgotten (bad mummy). I love Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Bromley and recommend everyone in need of childcare in the local area to try it out!”
Lucy W (Mother of Child)

“I visited a number of nurseries when I was returning to work in April but I felt immediately that Monkey Puzzle was “right” for my son. The rooms are lovely and bright, and so well-equipped. Everything is brand new and very high quality. My son has really thrived in the four months he has been going there and I am so impressed with what he is learning.

The staff are all very kind and caring, and at the same time very professional. I was quite sad when I first left my son there, but reassured by the fact that he very quickly bonded with his key worker. In fact when I asked him who his best friend was he named one of the staff!

The food is outstanding – healthy, tasty and varied and I am always told how much my son ate (normally “all of it”!). The children are often involved in food preparation and have made bread, pizza and gingerbread. These have been particular highlights for my son, as was a recent “people who help us” week where they were even allowed aboard a fire engine!

I think we have been very lucky, finding monkey puzzle when we did and growing with the nursery as it has grown. It is a high quality environment, staffed by capable, caring professionals who really connect with the children.”  Esther D

“Both our sons (2 1/2 years and 9 months) attend Monkey Puzzle, Bromley. This nursery setting has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Our eldest son has been in the setting for 8 months now and our youngest son for just one month. They are both very happy and we believe this is because of the friendly and relaxed environment at the setting. All the staff are really friendly and reassuring and have taken the effort to get to know both boys. Both boys have a key worker and we are kept up to date with daily records. It makes it so much easier leaving the boys knowing how happy they are.

The nursery has a chef, who cooks yummy and nutritional food. Our eldest son used to be fussy but the nursery has managed to introduce new foods that he would not eat at home. We have been consulted on menus and can always log into the boys’ daily diaries to see what (and how much) they’ve eaten.

The nursery ensures plenty of fresh air in their routine, which we feel is important and we have noticed significant developments in our sons speech since joining the nursery.

In summary, we are extremely happy with Monkey Puzzle as a setting for our boys and would recommend them with confidence to anyone looking for a nursery setting in this area.” Emma J

“My family comes from Italy and we moved to the UK when my little son was 1. He has great difficulties adapting to the new language and new environments and this makes him a “special need child”.

We tried two nurseries before choosing Monkey Puzzle, but he didn’t settle and he was refused.

I was desperate because I knew that my son needed to get used to a nursery environment to grow his skills and to develop.
When I went to Monkey Puzzle my son was loved and he got assigned to special hours of 1:1 time. In the last year, he has made a wonderful progress and he loves the teachers and the environment. Monkey Puzzle has helped my son to feel loved, confident and happy.

I will never be grateful enough for the help that the wonderful staff has given to me and my son!!!!

I would recommend this nursery to everyone!!”  Kim B (Mother of Child)

“I cannot speak highly enough of Monkey Puzzle Bromley. The facilities are excellent and provide a good variety of both indoor and outdoor activities. The staff are extremely attentive and caring yet being both professional and focused on the importance of learning and play.

Having reviewed a number of local nurseries, we chose Monkey Puzzle with its amazing settings, really spacious rooms and how clean it is. Everyone here seems to love their job and they really make children feel welcome.

My boy loves his key worker and has built a really good relationship with her. The regular updates on his progress and how he spends his day are much appreciated.” Wendy P (Mother of Child)

“When the time came for me to send my son to nursery I was extremely apprehensive. He had never before been in a childcare environment – having only previously been looked after by family members. I really needn’t have worried.

We visited Monkey Puzzle Bromley prior to it’s opening, yet despite there being no children to see in the setting, it was clear from the bright airy rooms, all-weather outdoor play area, caring professional staff who showed us around and abundance of toys and materials being delivered that this was somewhere I would feel comfortable leaving my child.
As mentioned previously, he had only been cared for my family members, and did not take kindly to being left at the nursery at first, however, all the staff were patient with him and me – reassuring us both – and within a few settling-in sessions (prior to him starting at the nursery properly) he was happy to be left. The speed at which he settles is testament to the kindness and professionalism of the staff – children are very good judges of character!

Since starting at Monkey Puzzle Bromley, I have seen him transform from a clingy shy toddler into an outgoing boy who seems to come home every day singing a new song or displaying a new skill. I’ve also seen him keen to try new foods – thanks to the onsite chef who takes the time and care to prepare nutritious food that I wouldn’t even think of trying him with at home.

But the most important thing to me is that he is very happy there, and that really is down the the staff and the time they take to get to know the children and provide them with a fun, stimulating environment where they want to spend time.”
Tracey C

“My son has been attending Monkey Puzzle Bromley since October 2015. This nursery is like a second home to him where he feels happy and thoroughly enjoys everyday that he is there. This makes it so much easier for us when we need to leave him there on a daily basis. The staff are so friendly and make you feel at ease as soon as you enter the nursery, they have become more like friends as we talk and laugh each evening about our sons day. Couldn’t ask for a better environment for my child.” Dean M (Father of Child)

“Monkey Puzzle is an excellent nursery and I feel very fortunate that my two children attend Monkey Puzzle Bromley. The leadership, all the staff and the facilities are exceptional. As soon as you go into the nursery, you are met with a ‘Good morning’ with a beaming happy face, which sets a very good tone for my children and their whole experience at this nursery. The manager is exceptional and is so supportive and helpful if we have any concerns or worries. The staff are so nice and friendly and our children have become very attached to the nursery staff. Thank you Monkey Puzzle Bromley and keep up the excellent work.” Scott B (Father of Child)

“My twins have been at Monkey Puzzle since they were 10 months old, they are now 2. I am completely happy and more than satisfied with the service that Monkey Puzzle provides. From the building and facility itself, the very caring staff all the way through to the management team who know all the children’s names and are always there to offer prompt advice and support. Both my children have had ups and downs with being clingy, fussy eaters and naughty behaviour and throughout all these phases and challenges the staff at Monkey Puzzle have been re-assuring and proactive to get us through and always with a smile on their faces!

The element that I admire and works best for my two is the structure and visibility. They have a similar daily structure that I have with regards to meal times, naps etc. and the fact you can see everything they have been up to throughout the day online is very reassuring. I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle to all friends and family (and I have).” Loretta A (Mother of Child)