Summer BBQ 2017

Our annual Summer BBQ was a great success with lots of our families joining us to celebrate our graduates and another amazing year at Monkey Puzzle Bromley! As a family we love the opportunity to get together, share some food and have a good catch up! It was great to catch up with so many of our families, find out what is happening in their lives and talk about what a great year we have had at the nursery. Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a great afternoon!

July Nursery News

It’s been so busy in nursery lately we haven’t had time to write and tell you all how it’s going! There has been so much happening that each of the rooms decided they would like to tell you for themselves. We hope you enjoy catching up on all the activities we have been up to, but before you do we should tell you about an extra special celebration…our 1st Birthday. It was a wonderful evening full of bubbles, dancing, and lots of cake! Elsa and Spiderman joined us and played lots of party games with us, blew lots of bubbles and played lots of fun music for us to dance to. James cooked up a storm in the kitchen and even our Mums, Dads and Grandparents were able to come and celebrate with us.  It was a fantastic way to end a marvellous first year! Here’s to the next one!!!

We have added lots of children to our registers in the last few months and with that we have added lots of new staff to our team! Check out the staff page to find out more about the staff in each of the rooms!

The nursery has been celebrating lots of festivals and celebration days including American Independence Day, Eid el Fitr and most recently International Friendship day.  We feel that it is really important for the children to experience as many different events and cultures as possible during their time at nursery.  It helps to broaden their understanding and knowledge of the world creating children and young people who are tolerant, understanding, accepting and respectful of those around them.

There has been a new addition to the Preschool Room in the form of the clever board.  The children have really enjoyed using this new interactive technology and we have been doing everything from writing and drawing to puzzles!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all our parents who have been so supportive so far this year.  We really appreciate everything that you do for us and we are looking forward to showing you are appreciation at the Parents and Families BBQ later this month!

Nursery Round Up – September & October


September was filled with both sadness and excitement as we said good-bye to those children heading off to school and welcomed lots of new children into all of our rooms. The summer holidays were filled with lots of excitement for our children and we have enjoyed hearing all about them over the first few weeks!

Preschool had a dinosaur themed month during September with all the children getting involved in every dinosaur! We read “Gigantisaurous”, “There’s a dinosaur in my bathtub” and “How does a dinosaur go to school” along with lots of other dinosaur stories again and again. We froze dinosaurs into ice and had lots of fun using salt and warm water to get them out, we buried them in the sand and pretended to be Archaeologists digging them up again. We used our dinosaurs to make foot prints and have our own dancing dinosaurs but best of all – we made dinosaur eggs and then had a dinosaur hunt in the garden! It was so much fun looking for the eggs and the big dinosaurs hiding in the plants and even trying to climb the steps of the slide! The children have really enjoyed learning about herbivores and carnivores, learning the different names of the dinosaurs and using dinosaurs to learn lots of new things – like how salt can make ice melt, how to measure with a ruler and what an Archaeologist does.

Toddlers have developed a real interest in trains this month and even went to visit the local train station. They walked beautifully all the way to the station and got to see a real train before they had their picnic and walked back to nursery. All the children were very excited to have been to the station and had lots of fun playing with the wooden train set when they got back to nursery again. A new doll’s house has also caused a stir in Toddler room with lots of the children spending time arranging furniture and playing families together. It is always wonderful to see the children playing together and role-playing events that happen at home.

Babies had lots of new starters in September so there was a big focus on making everyone feel welcome and settled with lots of love and cuddles. It also turned into quite a messy month which is always lots of fun! Spaghetti, water play, shaving foam and marking making with paint to name but a few! Our babies love to get messy and they develop so much physically during this type of play, learning to control their bodies and experiment with different ways of moving.

As a nursery we had two exciting things happen in September – the first was our INSET day which was an incredibly valuable day of training for all our staff. We had the local authority along to deliver training on behaviour management and representatives from Monkey Puzzle Head Office who came to train us on the new EYFS Inspection Framework and Planning.

The second exciting thing that happened was the decision to make the switch to Online Learning Journals! All our children have an Online Log which contains their weekly observations by their Key Person, photos from the week and also their completed daily diary allowing parents to log on through the day and check their child’s process. Our parents have found it a great tool to keep up to date with their child’s progress and they even have the opportunity to comment and input into the learning that is happening within the rooms.

October has been a month filled with fun and laughter and investigating Autumn! It has been exciting to watch the leaves on the trees change colour and feel the weather change when we go outside to play.

Preschool have been working on putting on their own coats lately and nearly all of them can successfully put them on now, some can even do the zippers and buttons! We have been investigation Autumn and Hedgehogs – making our very own from playdough and spaghetti. We have been doing leaf printing and painting, making leaves with our handprints and painting with conkers.

Toddlers have been doing lots and lots of singing together during October. They are really enjoying singing Old McDonald – dressing up as a pig, chicken and cow especially to sing the song!

Babies has been focusing on Me, Myself and I doing lots of play with mirrors, looking at photos of our friends and we are hoping to make family books for all our children using photos from home. The children are really developing personally, socially and emotionally through this play and are beginning to recognise themselves and their friends.


This month we also had Black and Orange day, or black and orange week if you were in preschool! We did so many fun activities with pumpkins, spiders, bats, black and orange collage materials and paint. Babies had glow in the dark fun with glow sticks and light up balloons, toddlers squished black and orange paint and decorated spooky orange biscuits while preschool had pumpkin gloop and made their own fireworks using baking soda and vinegar! It was a fantastic day and all the children had a ball joining in with the activities.