Beach Day!

Beach Day is one of our favourite days of year! The garden of Monkey Puzzle Bromley turns into our own magical tropical island full of sand and water, bubbles and of course a monkey!
The children had a fantastic time building sand castles, blowing bubbles and of course splashing in the paddling pool! There was lots of giggles and laughter and fun had throughout the day by everyone.

We had fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch and ice cream and wafers for pudding! It was delicious!

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience the beach – water play and sand play in a different environment encouraging them to use and develop new skills, experiment with textures, use and develop different language and practice working together to achieve goals. There was some excellent team work happeningn to make amazing sand castles!

I think it is safe to say that we love Beach Day!