Nursery Roundup April 2017


April has been a month of learning and discovery with Healthy Body, Happy Me week, Easter and some good weather to help us enjoy investigating the outside area even more!

Healthy Body, Happy Me seen all the children in the nursery learn about their senses from experimenting with lights for sight, tasting new foods, feeling different textures and sniffing new and interesting smells! The children really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about their bodies and it is an interest we will continue to investigate through the coming months.

Easter was great fun with lots of bunnies and chicks appearing around the nursery. Lots of children made Easter Bonnets and took part in our parade which was wonderful, we even had some parents join us which was great!
Over the coming months we will be doing lots of work on our garden area, introducing a planting area, reading corner and lots of new and exciting things to play with for everyone.

Summer time is fast approaching and we would really appreciate it if you can let us know when your children are going to be away on holiday. It is an OFSTED requirement for us to record absences so a quick call or e-mail to let us know you won’t be in and why is really helpful.

Also if you plan to bring your child to nursery after 11am or after 2pm please let us know at the beginning of the session as we need to inform the kitchen.

Ramadan – 27th May – If you and your family celebrate Ramadan we would love to hear the different ways you celebrate and any ideas you have of how we can celebrate in nursery.

Inset Days this year will be 30th May and 27th October 2017. Nursery will be closed for the children to allow staff to have a day of training together.

Preschool Graduation – 15th July at 2pm – If your child is going to school in September you will be receiving your official invite to Graduation soon!

Summer Celebration BBQ – 15th July at 3pm – Following Graduation we will be celebrating the summer with our annual Parent BBQ. This is a fantastic chance for all the Monkey Puzzle family to get together, have a chat and enjoy some good food together.

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