July Preschool News

The Preschool Room

It has been a busy few months in the Preschool Room. There have been lots of changes and we have had lots of fun along the way!!

Rebecca and Noreen have joined the team as our new Key People and Sharnia has joined us as an apprentice. Rachel joined the team as our Early Years Teacher and has been focussing on getting our 15 school leavers ready for school.

There has been a visit from the Dentist, a Teddy Bears Picnic and lots of festivals celebrated! Not to mention our Graduation Ceremony.

The Dentist came along and taught us how to brush our teeth properly. Do you know you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes before you eat your breakfast and again in the evening before bed! We also learnt about what foods are good for your teeth and what foods aren’t so good. We decided that milk, fruit and vegetables are very good for your fruit but sugary snacks like chocolate and raisins are not so good because they feed the germs on our teeth that make acid which destroy our beautiful white teeth!

Our Teddy Bears Picnic was lots of fun! We started off by taking our bears on a Bear Hunt and then we had a sing song and a delicious picnic outside! We really enjoyed introducing our Teddy Bears to our friends and spending the afternoon giving them lots of cuddles!

On the 4th July we celebrated American Independence Day by making a delicious chocolate cake covered in Red, White and Blue icing. We even made our very own sparkly fireworks from paint and glitter!

Eid El Fitr brought a delicious traditional lunch and we made a traditional sweet treat called coconut slice. Noreen told us all about what it is like in India, what people wear and some of the food they eat. It was very interesting. We made lots of beautiful cards and moons to celebrate and had a really fun day.

Multicultural Friendship Day was a chance for us to celebrate our cultures and our friends from around the world. We tasted food from all over the world and looked at lots of animals from different countries too! It was a really fun day and we loved hearing stories from different countries and of course eating lots of yummy food!

Weekly football sessions have continued and our Friday children have learned lots of new ball skills and scored lots and lots of goals. We are hoping to continue sports in September but for the summer we will be investigating some new sports by ourselves! We will also be starting to learn French in September! C’est très excitant!

Graduation was a wonderful occasion for our graduating children and their families. We had a lovely ceremony with each child being appreciated and praised for their achievements during their time with us. All the staff had a chance to speak about their individual key children and the children wore their very smart graduation gowns and caps. Once the official ceremony was finished we released some balloons, one for each child we were sending out into the world, and then we had a party! All the preschool children joined together to look at lots of pictures from our time together and eat delicious cake! It was a wonderful to be able to celebrate the achievements of our older children and wish them all the best for the future as they start school.

Summer time always brings lots of fun for us in nursery. We get to spend lots more time outside playing games and investigating the garden. Our strawberry plants have given us lots of strawberries again this year and we grew our own butterflies as well! There has been lots of water play outside, planting and bug hunting.

We have received our new outdoor toys from the Active Kids Sainsbury’s collection so a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us collect vouchers! We are very excited to use our new equipment!

August will bring some themed weeks to the nursery including People Who Help us Week and some special days like Beach Day!

We will be sad to see some of our children leaving us but we are excited to have lots of Toddlers joining us and lots of new children starting over the next few months too! Look out for our Travel Agents Theme in the home corner over the next few weeks and if you have any kitchen roll tubes laying around we are planning to turn them into aeroplanes for our holidays so just drop them into preschool and we will put them to good use!

Some things that we always need in Preschool –

  • Kitchen roll tubes and egg boxes
  • Old child appropriate magazines and catalogues
  • Old child appropriate Christmas / Birthday / Valentine’s Day etc. cards
  • Old clothes – we always need spare clothes in nursery so if you are doing a clear out and there is anything we could use just pop it into the office and we will distribute it among the rooms!

The staff in Preschool would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our parents! You have been incredibly patient, kind and supportive through a lot of change, through many busy times and through some big moments like graduation. Thank you for everything and as always if there is something you wish to discuss or you have any concerns about something in the room or with the care of your child do not hesitate to talk to their Key Person or Nicole. We are always here to help!