July Baby News

The Baby Room

We have had a busy few months in the Baby Room.  We have welcomed two new members of staff – Morgan and Kirsten as we have said good bye to Emily who has gone on maternity leave.  We wish Emily all the best with the new baby and look forward to seeing both of you very soon!

As well as new staff we have welcomed lots of new babies into our room.  They have settled very well and are really enjoying exploring their new surroundings and making lots of new friends.   We have also said good bye to a few of our older babies who have moved through to the toodler room.  They all just grow up too quickly!  The new toddlers are having a great time with Sarah and the rest of the toddlers.  They are really enjoying the chance to share new experiences, make new friends and learn lots of new things!

We have been making the most of the recent warm weather by taking some trips to the local parks.

We also celebrated International Friendship Day by tasting lots of different foods from around the world and sharing it with our friends at Monkey Puzzle.