January 2016 News

It has been a busy start to the year here in Monkey Puzzle Bromley. We have welcomed 4 new staff members and 13 new children. There have been some room changes for both staff and children with Emily moving from Toddlers to Babies and lots of our babies becoming toddlers. They are all just growing up too fast but loving their new learning environment.

Staff have been busy planning lots of fun activities for the children – babies have been investigating shapes, toddlers have been investigating The Hungry Caterpillar story and preschool have been investigating crocodiles and getting really interested in different forms of transport.

We have decided to support the local Bromley Food Bank this year and more information will follow about how to help us make regular contributions to them. We are looking forward to being able to show the children how important it is to give to others who don’t have as much as we do and investigating how other people live all around the world!