Nursery Round – August 2015

At Monkey Puzzle Bromley we are aiming to have a themed week at least once a month.  July brought us mud week when we had loads of fun playing in our new mud kitchen and splashing in the water.

This month we have had “People Who Help Us” week!  We has a visit from The Dentist, The Community Police and The Fire Brigade!


The Dentist taught us all about how to look after our teeth by eating the right kinds of food and brushing them every morning AND every night before bed!  She even brought along lots of animals with lots of teeth for the children to practice their brushing skills.  They learnt how to brush on the outside, then the inside and then on the bumpy bitey bits!


The Police talked to us about how to call 999 in an emergency.  We got to try on hats, look at the handcuffs and even listen to the Police Woman talking on the radio.  We got to go outside and have a look at the Police van too but thankfully they didn’t have to take any of the children away because they are all being so good!

When the Firemen came it was very exciting because they brought a Fire Engine with them! When it pulled up outside we were all very excited (even if it was pouring with rain).  Some children hopped in the back seat and learnt all about the breathing equipment the Firemen use to breathe inside the fire.  Others had a look through the heat sensor goggles which help the Firemen see where the fire is.  As they were leaving we got to see the blue flashing lights and hear the siren!


The Pre-school children talked a lot about other people who help us, they decided a Lollipop Lady was a very important person who helped us so they made their own special lollipops and practiced stopping the traffic on our own zebra crossing in the garden.

We also visited a very important person on our walk – The Green Man! The children got to press the button and practice looking left and right before walking nice and slowly across the road. We talked about how important it is not to run across the road, why we should always hold an adults hand and what we do if there is a red man. The children did excellent listening and everyone crossed the roads safely to get back to nursery!

The children really enjoyed their time this week talking about and meeting some of the “People Who Help Us”.  It is incredibly important for each child’s development that they get to know their community and people around them, helping them gain an interest and understanding of different occupations and ways of life.  It is also important for them to learn life skills such as brushing their teeth, crossing the road and making 999 calls.

August also included our first every Graduation Ceremony. It was a delightful event full of fun and memories. The children got to wear special graduation gowns and were presented with their very own graduation monkey and certificate! We had a beautiful monkey cake to celebrate and released some balloons to make it even more special. The children really enjoyed the afternoon and were made to feel very special by both staff and parents. It’s always a little sad when children leave to go to school but we wish everyone making the move from Monkey Puzzle Bromley the best of luck! Come back and visit us soon!


We have welcomed 10 new children to our nursery this month. We hope that you are all settling in well and enjoying your time with us! Don’t forget that there is always someone available in the office if you need anything!

We also have some new staff around the building… Molly has joined the baby room, Joanna has joined the Toddler room and Megan and Kirsten have joined us as apprentices!  You can find out more about them on our staff page.

September is going to be a busy one and we are very excited!