Nursery Round-up June/July 2015

Summer is here, or so they say and we have taking advantage of it here in Monkey Puzzle Bromley! There has been so much happening through June and July we haven’t even had time to update the website but here it is….our nursery roundup for the last 2 months! Enjoy!

We have welcomed 10 new children to our nursery, 4 Babies, 4 Toddlers and 2 into Preschool. A big welcome to all our new families! We hope that you enjoy your time with us! We are excited to say that our Baby Room is filling up fast and we now have very limited availability for September.

The Toddlers had a beach themed June doing lots of activities around the sea side, water play sea animals so we decided to extend it to the whole nursery and have a Beach Day! It was SO much fun! We decorated the garden with pictures of ice cream and sea gulls, made a giant sand pit to play in and spent the day outside surfing, making sand castles and generally have a whale of a time!

Preschool have been looking at bugs and loving The Very Hungry Caterpillar story so they decided to grow some butterflies of their own! They really enjoyed watching the caterpillars get bigger and bigger and then one day we came to nursery and they were all hiding in their cocoons! The children waited with great anticipation for the first butterfly to appear and when he did there was much excitement from everyone in the nursery, not just the children! We kept them inside for a week or so and then it was time to say good bye. As a thank you to the children the butterflies hung around for a while letting the children hold them on their fingers!

At the end of June we carried out our progress tracking across the nursery and we are proud to say that all of our children have made good progress in the last term. We did notice that the areas of Literacy and Mathematics were falling a little behind so we have taken that on board and introduced lots of new games and songs into the rooms to help build confidence and encourage development in these areas.

July brought a heat wave…and a storm….but for our children where there is water there is fun! They really enjoyed having lots of water play outside during the hot weather, not to mention having their own special water bottles to drink from! Then it poured and of course they had to be in it! The babies had lots of fun trying to catch the water in their buckets and preschool got to join in too!

We rounded July off with a Summer BBQ for all of our families. We were delighted with the turn out and everyone had a fantastic evening. It was a wonderful opportunity for staff and parents to get to know each other better but also for our parents to network and build relationships with each other.