Nursery roundup…

mud kitchenWe’ve had a fun filled month of May here are Monkey Puzzle Bromley. We are creating a mud cafe for our garden and we need your help! Have you got any old pots, pans, metal or wooden spoons, baking trays, colanders or any other kitchen equipment you no longer want? We would love to take them off your hands! Just bring it to nursery and drop it into the office… Thank you for your help!!

VolcanoThe Preschoolers had a dough disco, built a volcano and started their germ experiment! We also planted some strawberries! YUM!

watering gardenThe Toddlers went to the park and made special play-dough. They also helped look after the garden! Thanks Toddlers!

monkey costumeThe babies have been painting bubbles and lots of fun playing in the garden. Our covered outside space provides shade in the summer and shelter on those rainy days. They even got dressed up as little monkeys! How cute do they look in these fantastic costumes?